Salutation and welcome!

I am David Egerdahl, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and struggling health nut. This blog is the journal of my thoughts and experiments in health and nutrition.

Even though I am a dietitian with a bachelors degree and years of experience helping people eat right, lose weight, and do things they never thought possible with there health, I struggle with my own healthy eating, fitness, and overall sense of bad assness(and diction, apparently).

This blog is meant to be a means of sharing my thoughts on health, fitness, and nutrition, leveraging accountability for my personal health, eating habits, and personal goals, and a place to share cool stuff I find along the way as I explore ways to eat right, exercise, and find my way as a nutrition professional despite the busy lifestyle of career, trying to build a business, and live the life I want.

Here I will conquer my goals, take charge of my health, and life, and be a shiny beacon of health in the nutrition world. OR, I will perpetually flounder, be a hypocrite, and, have the integrity of vanilla pudding. I am working towards the former, but don’t be surprised if you see the latter.

What you can expect to find here:

  • One busy dietitian’s struggle to make time to manage all the productive habits that make a person healthy.
  • Strategies that might help you eat better, be more active, and be the healthier you you want to be.
  • How I make plans to eat healthy, find time for the gym, and manage a busy life.
  • How I buy healthy food without breaking the bank at the grocery store. I am a frugal bastard!
  • Possibly a recipe or two that either I concoct or rip off from some other dietitian or chef.
  • Reviews of books I read, products I tried, and service I have rendered.
  • How to set an effective goal and probably how not.
  • What I do, and what result I get. Good or bad.
  • Bad spelling and grammar. Bare with me.
  • Definitely some shameless plugs for products I believe in and services I offer.

If you struggle to live healthy in your world, this is a place to learn. At the very least it will be a place to related to the struggles. Check out the blog, comment on stuff you like or don’t like, and join me in my journey.