Day 45-46: The Need For a Better Dinner Plan and Calories in Watching Football?

I have been doing pretty well with my diet these days with one exception. Dinners.  The last 3 dinner I had junk food, Subway, and pizza.  To be fair, Subway was able to fit in my meal plan.  It gave me 3 oz of protein, 4 oz of grain, 1 cup vegetables, and 2 tsp of fat in one 6″ sub.  Pizza not so much.

Honestly, the last two days have been a bit of a blur.  I know I’m doing okay because I am tracking my meals for hits and misses.  Did I eat a planned meal or a meal that fits my plan?  If I did I give myself a point.  Did I miss a meal?  That’s okay.  Half a point.  Did I eat complete crap?  No points.  By this measure I am at about 80% for the week.

My trend seems to be having poor dinner choices.  It makes sense.  I love to cook but not after a long day of work, a workout, and and hour of basketball.  Looks like it’s time to meal prep dinners.

Wednesday I hit the mark on all my meals but that’s counting the 6″ Sub.  I got in my normal weight training, but I didn’t have anyone to play hoops with.  No cardio equals not fat loss.  Hopefully I can get some games in Friday.

Thursday was a descend day of eating but I was not very active.  I had a planned day off from the gym so I decided to take my daughter to Barnes and Noble.  I love going to the bookstore.  All the books and all the possibilities.  Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble also has a toy section these days.  Not a book was read.  It was just an hour of toy sampling.  Lesson learned.

Thursday night was also football and fantasy draft night.  I watched the pre-season game and did my fantasy draft.  It’s funny how football impacts my food choices.  The whole reason I decided to get pizza was football.  How I have developed this association is beyond my conscious mind but It’s there and football season is here.

Looks like I’m going to need a game plan.



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