Day 44: A Dirty Kitchen Is Bad For Your Health?

I woke up on day 44 to a disgusting sight.  Dishes.  I hate doing dishes, I hate looking at dishes, and I hate making dishes.  What a paradox.

I told my self that it would be alright. I don’t have anything to do after work.  I’ll do dishes then.

Today was a day of “usuals”.  I had my usual breakfast, did my usual morning routine, got to work at the usual time, and I had my usual list of things to do, and my usual snack and lunch.  I left work, got home, and had an evening walk.  I got in about 12,000 steps today.  No big deal.

After my walk I did not want to do dishes.  I had a bagel and string cheese for my post-walk snack.  Still not a dish cleaned.  It was getting to be dinner time.  Something happened, or should I say didn’t happen.  Not only did I not want to do dishes but my sink of soiled meal containers and plates with stupid flower designs made me not want to set foot in the kitchen, let alone cook.  Instead I had some chips, nuts, and another bagel for dinner.  Epic fail.

There is an important lesson to be learned here.  So important, in fact, that I think it should be a principle everyone who wants to eat healthy should follow, and that is this:  Make sure you leave your kitchen clean!

But Dave, what the hell does a clean kitchen have to do with eating healthy?  Maybe nothing.  Maybe everything.  In general, I have noticed something that all healthy foods have in common.  Nearly all healthy food needs to be cleaned, prepared, cooked, or otherwise handled in order to eat it.  Meat needs to be cooked,  starches need to be boiled, fruits and vegetables need to be cleaned and cut, etc.  So if that is the case, then you need pots, pans, knives, containers, plates, cups, and the like to be clean, organized and ready to go.  I’m not just making this up either.  A study in Environment and Behavior found that a dirty, cluttered kitchen caused people to overeat!

The moral of the day 44’s story is if you want to be healthy keep your kitchen clean and organized.


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