Day 43: Eclipse, Basketball, 100% Diet Compliance

Day 43 was like no other day.  There was a solar eclipse.  A lot of people tie meaning to this rare astrological event.  For me, it was just another Monday.  Or was it? Today despite being busy I was able to get in all my planned meals, complete my lifts with more weight than I had in previous weeks, and play basketball for an hour and a half.  Coincidence?  Probably.

The day started as usual with my coffee and computer.  Then I moved on to breakfast.  I had some hard boiled eggs, oatmeal, and a banana.

breakfast on the couch in the morning

I got to work earlier than usual.  I caught up with my staff who had all sorts or problems from the weekend for me to solve.  It was messy but not unusual for a Monday.

Once things were cleared up and I went to talk to some patients.  Next it was snack time.  A bagel with peanut butter, carrots, and grapes.

I prepared for a couple meetings during my snack.  One of the meetings I needed to drive to.  I was trying to remain relaxed during the day because I am finding that if I stress out too much early in the week I am a wreck by Friday.  What do I listen to in my car to stay relaxed?  I’m almost embarrassed to admit but I am a huge John Mayer fan.  Not his early stuff where he has his teen pop image.  I like his adult contemporary stuff.

Anyway, by the time all my meetings were over it was lunch time where I had roast pork with warm quinoa salad.

By about 4 pm I was dragging a bit.  I had a cup of coffee to get me prepared for my workout.

My workout went well.  I started with lifting:

  • Front Squat – 45×10, 95×8, 135×6, 185×3, 240×3, 240×3, 240×3
  • Pause Bench Press – 45×8, 95×8, 135×6, 185×1, 215×4, 215×4, 215×4, 215×4
  • RDL – 225×6, 245×6, 275×6
  • Bent over row – 185×6, 205×6, 225×5

After lifting, I proceeded to play pick-up basketball all night basically.  It was like I couldn’t get tired.

I could not get enough basketball last night

Once I got home I drank my post-workout shake.  Dinner was same as Sunday night. That put me at 100% of healthy meals eaten for the day.  It’s so much easier to count meals rather than count calories.  In the dietitian world we call this compliance or adherence.  If some is following their diet they are complying or adhering to the diet.  I am was compliant.


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