Day 40-41: Perfect Friday, Benefits of A Custom Plan, Fat Loss Update

Friday was perfect!  I bounced back from my terrible Thursday.  I made sure I got lots of sleep and paced myself Friday.  I also made sure I ate my planned breakfast, my planned lunch, a high carb snack, a post-workout shake, and a health dinner.

It wasn’t easy.  After my workout I was craving a pizza so hard.  And I almost ordered one.  Luckily I have an awesome partner to keep me on track.  Before I placed a pizza order, I checked in with her to see if she was into pizza that night.  She was not into it.  She was in more of a salad mood that night.  That was all I needed to redirect me to my post workout nutrition and a healthy dinner of a chicken sandwich on whole-grain, grapes and kiwi, and carrots.

Not only did I have a perfect Friday but I had a great “weigh-in” Saturday.  I lost 3.4 lbs this week!  Of that weight loss 1.9 lbs was fat!  I also lost 1.5 lbs of lean mass, which I am finding is pretty much unavoidable to a degree.  This put my body fat percentage at 16.02%.


For me these results confirm that the plan that I have set forth for myself is precisely what I need to get to my goals.  Not only do I like my plan, but it actually is effective!  That is the benefit of custom personalized planning.

The rest of Saturday was relaxing.  I took a break from coffee to help me relax and recover from my long week.  I found that without caffeine in my system I had a crazy appetite. I had a healthy breakfast of scrambled eggs, spinach and mozzarella with toast and fruit.  The rest of the day was an “off the books” day of mac and cheese and cinnamon toast crunch.  For dinner I had an awesome BBQ chicken pita with spinach and onions that I got from Panera Bread.  It was pretty damn good.


Sunday will be meal planning and prep day.  I want to set myself up for an awesome week.  Check out my next post to see what I come up with.



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