Day 39 – Can I Have A Do Over?

I woke up or I think I woke up.  Yesterday was a haze.  i may have slept right through it.  I had my morning coffee, stared at my computer screen, then the last thing I remember after that is being at work and missing breakfast.

Did I go too hard the day before?  Did I accomplishment too much, did I play too much basketball, and was I too charming?  I do not know what happened.  All I know is I did not get enough sleep and even had I got the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep last night, it still may not have been enough.  You know.  One of the those days.

For lunch, which was my first meal of the day, I had sesame chicken, rice, and veggies.  I was feeling stressed so I also had a pudding parfait. After all what is stressed spelled backwards.

The whole day I was sleepy, lethargic, and everything was an effort.  Even eating right.

The evening I ate pizza, M&Ms, and cheese sandwiches.  I’d didn’t eat a lot of food but the fact that I was craving them was a good indication of a simple fact.  I was STRESSED.

I was not active either.  Instead of going for a walk or stretching I sat on the couch and watched some cartoons with my daughter.

This day was a throw away.  I took all my best laid plans and put them on the back of the shelf and decided instead to give in to the habits of old.  Oh well.  Some days are just going to be loses.

What can I learn from these losses?

  • The first lesson is I need to pace myself.  The day before I crushed it.  Which was great. But the cost was I day like this.  I need to remind myself that life is a marathon not a sprint.
  • The second lesson is I need to get more rest.  I was tired all day from lack of sleep.  Because of that even eating health was too much effort.
  • The Third is to stop and think before I cope.  How could I have coped in a healthy way?  I could have went for a walk.  I could have stretched.  I could have had some tea.

The idea here is not to let the loss crush me and go back to the old habits, but to learn and bounce back.  What can I do tomorrow to be better?  I can get a good nights sleep.  I can prioritize eating healthy.  I can pace myself.  I can have some tea, breath, and stretch when I get home.

Let’s see if I can make tomorrow a win!


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